Your domain

  • You know your field inside out
  • You know the needs of your customers
  • You optimize the products for your customers
  • You are innovative and turn your ideas into new products for your customers
  • You concentrate on your core business and minimize the need for tasks outside of your domain, but you may have an additional team that focuses exclusively on the IT infrastructure and the further development of your applications


Our domain

  • We analyze your business processes
  • We know how to optimize your processes with the use of information technology
  • We analyze your existing infrastructure, the way your team works, existing software and applications and develop a solution that perfectly fits into this environment and within your company's philosophy
  • We subsequently accompany you in the implementation of new or changing requirements
  • You have your development team on site
    • We support you in project management
    • We optimize your change and release management process
    • We optimize your build and deployment process
    • We support you in the implementation


Our Experience

For the development of applications it is important to understand the business processes and to best integrate the applications into the existing infrastructure - taking into account the team's skills and the availabe hardware and software infrastructure.

Dynamic project management, the implementation of a change and release management process, and a build and deployment process are essential. This sounds more complicated than it is - in the simplest case pen and paper, a spreadsheet and a few shell scripts or batch files are sufficient.

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